A small love story..

After a sleeplees night, I was sitting and reading newspaper. that was when i saw him for the first time. He was walking across my yard very casually and then he noticed me sitting and did a double take. And he stopped walking and stood there as if mesmerised. And when he noticed me watching him, he looked like he was ashamed i caught up him staring at me. So i pretended like iam still reading all the whille keeping him in perfect viewing distance.  And he stood there for some time debating what to do all the while without taking his eyes off me. Then as if coming to a decision, he started strolling towards me. I must say he is the most beautiful creature i have ever seen. His eyes were green, calm and intelligent. Walking slowly and gracefully, he reached me and he gazed up at me waiting for me to say something. I too didnt say anything. We stayed that way for some time. Then he lay down near my feet, licked my feet and murmured “meow”…. And I took him in my lap and told “I love you too…”

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