The girl who loved butterflies and rainbow

Met a man who she nicknamed as shadow

His words were sweet, his touch so tender

Straight away she fell for him harder

The shadow tried warning her off

But nothing could let her off

The key to his soul was locked inside a fortress

Where no one can ever have access

Seeking the key by which her beloved’s soul can be freed

She walked miles and miles sparing no time for rest and food

She walked through day and night, through sun and rain

Only the thoughts of her beloved were keeping her sane

Her only goal was her beloved’s survival

At last she saw the gate, waiting for her arrival

She tried the gate only to be pushed out by the keeper

She sneaked by the fence and fell out in to the creeper

She managed to pass when keeper was asleep

And stood surprised in a maze that was so deep

She fought with monsters, she slayed the dragons

She went through the fire that can purify the pagans

Reaching the last door, she pushed it open

And saw the box for which she was driven

She prayed and reached with hands that were shaking

Opened the box and stood as if it was bewitching

There was no key, there was no note

The box she thought as priceless was getting deplete

With pain that was so raw, she realized the truth

Her body battered, her heart broken, she fell to the south

And there he appeared with a frown on his face

Soulless as he was, she can no longer embrace

Keeping him as her last sight, she closed her eyes

Gifting him her soul that he can keep as his always.

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