Letting Go..

The songs you sang are etched deep in my heart

The link still remains though we are miles apart

Hope to hold on to, love unconditional, sustenance to move on

A few are those golden moments that lets me go on

All I see of you when I peek inside is a phantom

Yet I wish to move my dream and actuality in tandem

From time to time, I wonder if I am living in a fool’s paradise

Yet, Love so glorious, I have no words to emphasise

Can you hear how my heart screams at you not to leave?

Betrayer, my heart, I can no longer believe

Loss so deep and profound, my soul may never recover

Pain and grief so pure and raw I dont ever want you to discover

Deep down I known even by letting you go, I am winning

For your joy and peace is all I am now needing

So I will cloak my pain by a smile on my lips

and will bid you adieu with a kiss on your lips

As for me, I will wait, if you ever choose to return

My songs unsung, my life half done, my heart broken

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