My thoughts..

There are times when I feel like Iam stuck in a void..

At times I feel like I wont be able to get out of this dark void ever in my life..

At times I feel like I will be lost in the void without any hope for a ray of sunshine…

Only darkness everywhere…

Fear, terror, hopelessness and despair my only companions…

I go on this way for a few days without any touch of love, without the light of hope…

Then, suddenly one day when I wake up I decide I dont want to live this way anymore…

Like a Phoenix rising out of ashes, I too get up out of my burnt remains..

And I start living.. Start hoping for sunshine.. Start waiting for love that’s yet out of reach..

But I decide I will live as long as it takes to achieve my dreams..

I will live until Iam at the zenith of abundance…

I will live until I feel happy and safe…

And that’s the promise I keep making everyday to myself…

I will live… I will live… I will live… And that’s what it matters…

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