Into Infinity…

It was a friday night. I was having a restless sleep when I woke up to some kind of noise. When I looked up, I saw him standing there at the foot of my bed. He stood there watching me expectantly like waiting for me to make first move. I looked at him with infinite love… Infinite longing… Finally I couldn’t take it any longer.. I sat up and asked, “you..? Are you really here… ? Am I dreaming…?” He came closer to me and sat near me and told, “No sweetheart.. Iam here… See….” By saying that he pulled my hand into his hands and I realised he was as real as me. I asked again, “But…. But You left me….” He replied, “Silly girl..!!! Do you really think I can leave you..? Dont you know I love you too much to leave you..?” With that he pulled me closer to him and kissed my lips. His lips were soft yet firm. And I melted in his arms right there. With a smile, I opened my eyes and I was bewildered by not seeing him in front of me. I looked around in shock wondering where he went in a span of seconds. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then, with a shock came crashing realisation… There, I died again….

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