A Request…

Hellooooo everyone..

So this is not my usual kinda post. Before telling more, a little something about my place. As most of you already know I am an Indian. I am actually from south India, to be exact our state is Kerala, which is otherwise known as God’s own country. So why Iam telling you about Kerala right now is we are going through a flood right now. It has been raining nonstop and some places are already under water and as of today, 28 people have lost their lives and so many have gone missing. Last year also we lost hundreds of lives like this. And according to weather forecast, heavy rain is going to continue throughout Kerala until tuesday. The least you can do is to pray for those who suffer. So Iam requesting everyone here.. please include us in your prayers. May God bless us all..

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  1. I hope you are okay now… I didn’t check my blog last many days… Suddenly came online and found this… I hope you are okay now… and also the people around you, everyone is okay… Sending my prayers…


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